About Samantha Lim
Samantha Lim was born and raised in the beautiful country, Singapore.  After years of career in Business Development and Marketing, she decided to pursue her passion in life that is close to her heart: Jewelry design. 

Her first International exposure came in year 2003 in which her brooch design "The Sea of Love" was selected as the finalist in "The 8th Samshin International Diamond Jewelry Design Awards". Since then, she has been creating designs from her studio in Shanghai where she now lives with her husband. 

Samantha draws her inspirations from everything around her. Her love for bold scale and organic designs, with borrowed ideas from Mother Nature, is clearly demonstrated in her Fine Jewelry Design pieces.  According to Samantha: "Nature has so much to offer.  Everywhere I look, there is always a beautiful piece of jewelry waiting to be captured on paper."

Besides creating her designs from precious metals and stones, Samantha collaborates with her jade artisans in bringing handcrafted, contemporary designed Jade jewelry under the brand: Heavenly Jade.

Her love for jade started when she received an old jadeite ring from her mother.  She exclaimed: "I was so taken in by its elegant luscious green that I know I would one day work with jade intimately."

As jade (jadeite and nephrite) has a long and enduring history in the Chinese culture, working with these jade pieces has helped Samantha searched deeper into her roots. "Being a Chinese, I was brought up believing that every creation has its purpose, and every existence has a meaning. Like a whisper from the past, reminding us of our history represented by every piece of Heavenly Jade jewelry."