2: Chinese Calligraphy Collections
    – “The Writings”

Since the first Chinese writing was discovered, scholars around the world have been mystified by the evolution and beauty of this early form of written communication.  As a tribute to this ancient art form, Samantha has woven Chinese Calligraphy with Chinese Poetry into her newest composition, titled “The Writings”.  

The poem, partially inscribed on the jadeite pieces, is a metaphor for the inscription of early writings found on oracle bones and stones. The poem - titled “Ballad of the Beautiful Ladies” (麗人行) - is written by the famous poet DU FU (杜甫, 712-770) from the Tang Dynasty.  It describes a Spring festival in which lovely ladies strolled along in their silk draperies with their beautiful jadeite jewelry.  

Each piece of the engraved jadeite is used separately in necklaces, bracelets and earrings.